5 Things to do before searching for a job

Your resume

Your  resume must be short and precise with brief information about your previous job. It should be updated at every 6 to 8 months , you must add your new activities to your resume . You only have to provide the name of the company you worked before . Also provide key information about yourself to make it strong and short.

Target job

You must know your capability and strength. The type of work sector you can perform your best should be your preferred job type . If you have a working experience in your preferred job it may work positively for you.

Know about the company

Once you recognize your best working area you  must go through the knowledge  regarding your company, its history and working . You may interact with the current employees of the company. It will encourage your confidence level during interview.


You must discuss the salary range with your company . That if they are paying value for your work.

Job location

The value of the salary you are getting from your company highly depends upon the job location.

If your company is working in the radius of your native place or in your neighbouring cities, then you can get value for your job more efficiently.

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