Blue Collar Jobs

Understanding ‘Blue-collar’ jobs

Let us start by understanding what actually ‘blue collar’ jobs are. Basically, blue collar jobs fall under those professions that involves physical labour or we can simply define them as the jobs that are performed physically. Blue-collar workers are not as educated as white-collar professionals and do not posses any kind of diploma or educational qualification.

Factors affecting Blue-collar jobs

In the present times, technology has taken over the world and everyone is benefiting with it but that’s only the positive aspect of it, on the other hand, technology cannot meet everybody’s need, especially in India.

India is a highly populated country, due to which there has been a gradual decrease in the employment rate over the years, and by looking at the crucial aspects, like population, literacy rate, or employment rate, it can be easily concluded that blue-collar job category is very important for our country to help in improving the condition. In the given scenario, blue collar jobs here can act as a game changing factor for the unskilled or the uneducated population.

Importance of Blue-collar jobs

Let us take an example of a ‘plumber’ to understand it better. A plumber performs many tasks that affect our daily routine and lives like fixing washbasin, bathroom sinks, flush, toilets etc. which a white collar person might not be skilled enough to perform or maybe not too comfortable to do considering the mindset of the society. Likewise, there are many other tasks, like picking up garbage from homes or streets, cleaning sever, housekeeping maid or servant etc that fall under the same category.


Now considering the above points, we can understand, how important ‘blue-collar’ jobs or workers are to the Indian society. At present, there are approximately 450 million blue-collar workers in India, and uplifting them will not only help in the betterment of our nation’s employment rate but also from the economic and social point of view.

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